HI to all

THB it's awfully quiet out there...surely we can find SOMETHING to disagree about.

First, congratulations to Bates, Jac & Taylor, for winning USU. My team applauded their win - both because they were exceptional and because the whole Bates program was exceptional. "What's up with Bates?" was the theme on the drive to the hotel that night...

And, perhaps I'm mistaken, but in an age when lots of people talk about a male gender bias in college debate, I think I saw a rather larger number of exceptional ladies on that Bates squad. What's the secret?! Please share. (No offense to the gents, of course.)

And congrats to Steve Johnson as top judge. For once nice guys finish first.

On to business: Let's improve the BP calendar so we know where to go next year.

Here's the link

And here is an early draft of a Canadian calendar for next year. In case you missed the memo, Canadian tournaments are quite wonderful - nice folk, good teams:


Send info on tournaments to me, and enjoy your summer.

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