Between 3:25 and 3:40 this afternoon I was driving down Ghost Hollow Road toward the Poultney River. On a stretch of road bisecting two meadows that had some Red Clover embedded and over a distance of about one quarter mile 47 Giant Swallowtails were tallied.  I believe the actual number to be closer to 100 rather than to 50.  Most of my observations were from the driver's side of the car looking east without sun interference.  Also for part of the time my attention was taken up attempting to photograph without leaving the car.
In retrospect, not realizing what lay ahead, a better more accurate tally would have been in order!  I apologize!
Beside the Giant Swallowtails there was less than a dozen Black Swallowtail, Cabbage White and Clouded Sulphur combined.
Cheers, Roy Pilcher