Hello all faculty, mentors, advisors, members, and friends!

  This is an update on the UVM student chapter of Engineers Without Borders
Nicaragua Grey Water Project. First of all we want to thank you all for
your support on this project in whatever way you contributed and for
helping us make this happen.  It seems only fitting to share with you all
our post-assessment (522) report that we recently submitted to EWB-USA.
This report does a good job of highlighting what we did on our trip in May
and the scope of the project. Feel free to read through our report at your
leisure for the trip description, data collection, pictures, and more. Our
data sheets are also attached as well. We welcome any comments, advice, or
feedback on any aspect of our findings and want to thank you all again for
your continued support! Feel free to share this with anyone else not on
this email and we will also be making all this available on our website
soon too.

  We now are moving into the design phase with plans to construct a
prototype on-campus and implement our design in the community next year.
With that said we would like to invite all of our advisors, mentors, and
grey water enthused faculty to our design meeting onWEDNESDAY AUGUST 6TH AT
7 PM in Votey Hall 2nd floor classrooms. We are working on the alternatives
analysis and would like your opinions/expertise in the different designs we
come up with. We hope to see you then!

Baxter Miatke

   UVM Engineers Without Borders Co-President
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