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As pointed out here, I have been amiss at my communications via School IT around the tech survey.  I apologize. We have had a couple of snafus with the survey  and so I hesitated going wide with it on School IT until we got it worked out.  I also left town to attend my SETDA meetings in Atlanta at the same time that it went out via the Weekly Field Memo last week.  I have been fielding some questions from afar and indicating to folks to wait until today to get back in and continue the survey.  I apologize profusely to wasting folks time on the issue that would not let it complete.   I know you are busy this summer.    


First of all, the survey, some instructions, a pdf of the full survey, and deadline, etc. (July 31, 2014) are all located here:



Second:  I waited until summer, because in the past we had some debate here on this list and internally about when best to collect so we had the most accurate data for the longest period.  This seemed to fall in that window.  Since then I have had some feedback that with some of the school staff gone some questions have been harder.  Honestly struggle with which time is best.   That said, your help on this is crucial.  This data, especially all the stuff on devices, broadband, systems, etc. is something that is constantly referenced and inquired about from all avenues of state government, press, other schools, etc.   I want to reflect the most accurate picture so we can focus on what is needed. 


Third:  I don’t want to discourage you from connecting to the Weekly Field Memo, but I also think that most of the tech community will get the same information here at School IT if I simply do post it.  WFM is a good resource, you can also find the memo on the AOE web page as well.  It usually goes out Wednesdays. 


Call if you need help, I will be out of the office a bit this month, both on work and a vacation,  but I will put someone as a point person.   I can also be reached via my office phone remotely when I am not in the office and could assist if folks really get stuck.   Do your best, I can also extend the deadline a bit if there are compelling reasons to do so.  This survey in the past has been completed by a large majority of schools, I know this community does great at managing these requests.


Thanks for your patience.    Hope your summer is going well.  Keep cool.



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