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Kyle Hutchins (Super Tech Guy)  and Dan Roswell (Network Admin) attended INTEROP in the spring,  the leading independent technology conference and expo series designed to inspire and inform the world's IT community.  They are bringing those ideas back to you via the Pizza Conference this summer. 


The annual Tech Pizza conference is for IT professionals in primary, secondary, and post-secondary education, tech directors and anyone who is interested in the technical side of our work. The event will be held at Rutland High School on Tuesday July 29, 2014 from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Key vendors and partners will be there to give demonstrations and talk about the newest technologies in Networking, Servers, Virtualization, and much more. They have great Food and Snacks that will be provided throughout the day. The cost of the event is $35 per person, payable in check or cash on the day of the conference.

The pizza conference is fast approaching.  Please get yourself registered.  Brought to you by Vita-Learn and some very cool technical staff.



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