We just set one up at FHU.  I did some research into different ones and prices ranged a lot.   What we settled on was using http://www.risevision.com/ (free and webbased) for creating and managing the TV's.  It integrates with Google Apps nicely so all my office needs to do to update the bulletins or schedule is to change a google spreadsheet.   It can also manage multiple TV locations so you can have the same information or different information distributed around the school.

As for a controller to attach to the TV, during testing I was able to get a Android player (similar to this) to work, a raspberry pi, and the Chrome Browser extension to all work.  I chose to go with a cheap chromebox, only because the other options seemed to not have enough umph to run things smoothly.  Also Android cannot autoplay a Youtube video, which was something we wanted to be able to do.

As for the TV, we just went with the standard flat TV and mount, nothing fancy.

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On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 10:08 AM, Drescher, Peter <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

We are considering one of those monitors in an entry hallway at AOE that lets folks know events, etc. that are going on from day to day. I know many schools have something similar.  If you are in one of those schools.. would you mind sharing a little in the way of how you set it up?


Cost elements

What works best in terms of mounting and viewing

Who manages it

Recommendations on resolutions and brands of monitor






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