I've been thinking about how the technology landscape has changed in schools over the last several years.  This is an incomplete list of some things that come to mind;

1:1 initiatives - lots of devices!
Mobil Devices - iOS, Android, Windows Tablets
Wireless - high density, how many devices for each person in a room?
Cloud computing - GAFE, Windows 360, drop box

These are some of the things that have been keeping me busy and engaged.  Are there things you would add to the list?

I would like to have conversations with my fellow techies about how they have addressed these new technologies, what has worked and what lessons have been learned.

Would anyone be willing to discuss how they have implemented and what systems they have created to support these new technologies?

There seem to be some opportunities coming up, one in Rutland on the 29th of this month and one at the Tech day at Vermont Fest.  Would a panel and a group discussion be of interest to anyone?

Let me know or reply on this forum. 

Craig Lyndes


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