Hello EWB Members!

For those of you working on the 524 template for the Nicaragua  
GreyWater Treatment Project, please pay attention to the following  

Work will be done on this form throughout this week (August  
25th-August 29th) In the Perkins lounge and adjoining classroom(s). If  
you are free and would like to help out with the completion of the 524  
template, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also please note that there is a Google Drive link available to all to  
use so that we may update each other on what we have worked on,  
completed, or any other details concerning filling out the 524. If you  
do work on the 524, please go to this link:

And state your NAME and what you did so that we are not working on the  
same parts of this form.

Keep it real,
Ben Cares
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603 234 1974