Not sure there is much data being collected on Parent accessing student digital learning environments or classroom websites. I know Hapara's Teacher Dashboard has a Parent Portal where parents have view only access to their student work in Google Drive. 

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On Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 12:24 PM, Drescher, Peter <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

I am needed to speak about ways parents use technology to keep abreast of school activities, grade reporting, etc. etc. 


I could really use some “on-the-ground” experiences with this topic.. I can speak well to the overall reason we do it, some examples of systems, etc. but would like some info around these topics to round it out...


--What percentages of parents generally do access online resources about their child.. ( I know that will vary but any figures to give me the range would help)

---What systems do you have parental access available?  SIS?  Alertnow?  Any other data programs? 

--What general Resources do you find them accessing on line.. via website. And can you tell it is parents?  Do you have specific Parent places on your website?

--back to my second one.. name a few systems that you have parent portals—powerschool?  Infinite Campus?  Schoology? , etc. etc.

--How do you communicate to parents that you have these services available to them? 

--How do you help teachers get on board with providing the information to parents? 


Any others?  ESPECIALLY.. anecdotal examples whereby parent access has really made a difference for a student.


You can post here, you can respond to me off-list  OR  better.. call me and we’ll chat for a few minutes.. need this by Wed. of next week..


Would so appreciate any help you can offer...




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