Hi Everyone,

Registration for the 2014 HWS NAUDC is now available. Please fill out the
form at the link below to register for the tournament. THE DEADLINE TO FILL

We will publish a list of allocations no later than September 12th, and the
deadline for full payment of registration fees (by cheque or PayPal) will
be September 25th. Payment instructions will be sent to the email addresses
provided on the registration form.


Our tournament is limited to 108 team spots, which will be allocated on the
following basis.

1) Every school which registers by the deadline is entitled to 2 team spots.

2) Schools which broke teams at NAUDC or WUDC last year will receive one
additional spot per broken team, to an initial maximum of 4 team spots.
Hart House will also receive 4 team spots, if requested, because they
hosted NAUDC last year, and, as such, were ineligible to break.

3) Schools, regardless of how many teams they are allocated in steps 1) and
2), who commit to bringing contingents that consist of at least 40% female
debaters will be granted one additional team spot.

4) One additional team spot will be allocated to each school, starting with
those who had been granted only 2 in step 1), until all spots have been

If any of the above is confusing, please don't hesitate to contact me with
questions. IN ALL CASES, schools should register on the form the number of
teams they DESIRE, and we will then sort out allocations.

Looking forward to hosting you all soon!