Hi Everyone,

We have 2 important announcements regarding the upcoming North American Universites Debate Championship at HWS.

1) I am pleased to announce that Sarah Balakrishnan will be joining me as co-CA. 

Sarah is a first year PhD student in African History at Harvard University. During her undergraduate career at McGill she was a Semifinalist and Top Ten Speaker at WUDC Chennai, Canadian BP Champion and Champion of the Inaugural NAUDC last year. She also served as the CA of the 2014 North American Women's Tournament and will be attending WUDC Malaysia as an independent adjudicator.

Sarah and I will be releasing more information about DCA applications soon.

2) Because the tournament will be capped at 108 teams, we are soliciting input from the community about one element of our registration policy which departs from traditional team allocation practices.

The basis of the system would be a straightforward one in which each institution is allowed to initially register up to 2 teams. Additional team slots would be allocated through a criteria which we have not yet determined (likely based upon competitiveness or attendance history) but these will be similar to the manner in which registration for WUDC is conducted. This process would establish a baseline amount for how many teams each institution would be able to register. However, teams would also be able to “earn” an additional slot by meeting or exceeding a threshold of equitable gender composition within their team contingents. For example, an institution which would otherwise be able to send 2 teams would receive a 3rd team slot if they met or exceeded the gender threshold. 

The last part of this system (the “gender equitability bonus”) is the part that we are interested in receiving feedback for, as it represents a break from more traditional registration systems. If you have any concerns about this system (or you would like to express your support) please either post the feedback in this thread or reach out to us via the email addresses provided below.


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