Weekend of March 20.

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Thank you John! Do you know what dates you’re looking at?
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Seeing as how this tournament takes place the same weekend as the traditional open, Cal Poly will take a step back and support this tournament while refocusing our efforts on the Western Regional Championship in spring. 

John Patrick

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San Diego State has confirmed offering a BP division at their tournament October 4-5. I will post more information soon. Thank you all for your patience!

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San Diego State is hosting an NPDA and IE tournament on Claremont's traditional weekend. I happen to know that they are open to including a BP division, and were disappointed that they were conflicting with Claremont- but institutional constraints have their dates locked. I was going to have teams at both, and I would love to have it all in one place. I would also be extremely supportive of a tournament in SLO, but I would prefer another weekend. I know that my team would love to compete in both San Diego and SLO and I would be eager to help expand BP on the west coast. 

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Given John's decision to remove Claremont from the schedule in fall, Cal Poly is open to hosting the USU Open if we can work out the dates and needs of the community. We cant make promises, but we'd like to explore the possibilities. Feedback as to whether this is of interest to the community.

John Patrick

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> Hi Brent,
> Please remove the Claremont Colleges tournament from the BP calendar. Have
> 15 tournaments and conferences planned on campus for the year and
> something had to give, at least in the early fall. I have a redesigned
> debate tournament model that I would like to introduce this year (was
> hoping to do it in October but need to be a good citizen about campus
> facility use) but may be able to do it in the spring.
> One other note ­ Greater Los Angeles is an extraordinary international
> alpha city, with complex, thriving, enriching, and influential populations
> and cultures from throughout the world. I understand how it is that an
> imagined Los Angeles may escape its cartographic boundaries and represent
> all peoples and places ­ it is Druze, Russian, Peruvian, Japanese, Jewish,
> Azeri, Filipino, Zuni, Indian, Mexican, Fijian, Chinese, ItalianŠit is
> Ethiopia, Hawaiąi, Sri Lanka, Armenia, Pennsylvania, Korea, Brazil, South
> Africa, El Salvador, Ireland, Tunisia, Oklahoma, ThailandŠLos Angeles is
> astounding and universal. But for those on the list just interested in
> purchasing an airline ticket, it may be helpful to re-locate future
> Claremont tournaments from the imagination and current psychic-location in
> Eastern US/Canada for a move to the Western US/Canada column.
> Best,
> John
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>> HI to all
>> THB it's awfully quiet out there...surely we can find SOMETHING to
>> disagree about.
>> First, congratulations to Bates, Jac & Taylor, for winning USU. My team
>> applauded their win - both because they were exceptional and because the
>> whole Bates program was exceptional. "What's up with Bates?" was the
>> theme on the drive to the hotel that night...
>> And, perhaps I'm mistaken, but in an age when lots of people talk about a
>> male gender bias in college debate, I think I saw a rather larger number
>> of exceptional ladies on that Bates squad. What's the secret?! Please
>> share. (No offense to the gents, of course.)
>> And congrats to Steve Johnson as top judge. For once nice guys finish
>> first.
>> On to business: Let's improve the BP calendar so we know where to go next
>> year.
>> Here's the link
>> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ar68OkAhF7RwdEFSSDN5Q2xjOGxsc
>> EhaWTVUYVNoSkE&usp=sharing
>> And here is an early draft of a Canadian calendar for next year. In case
>> you missed the memo, Canadian tournaments are quite wonderful - nice
>> folk, good teams:
>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vdhGGorXhGAVCenONMK04gy3zBzELceifWf-lj
>> d7HdM/edit
>> Send info on tournaments to me, and enjoy your summer.
>> Best wishes,
>> Brent
>> Brent Northup
>> Carroll College of Montana
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>> 406 459-2371