I too am tired of the bundling thing and have dropped subscriptions or refused to sign up for a new subscription as a result. So far none of my users has complained when I explain my position. But some vendors have asked for clarification of my position and though it hasn't changed their thinking yet, it certainly has clarified mine. If it's bundled, it's an automatic no.

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Not so subtle... Even when they deal with librarians, they undermine our key responsibility to CHOOSE for our clientele with their "bundles" - all or nothing, no substitutions, and if you try to buy a la carte titles the price skyrockets.  500 journals in ClinicalKey, and over the course of a year, our users actually access about 70 of them.  But if I try to buy just those 70 titles directly, isn't it funny how the quote comes in at a few thousand MORE than ClinicalKey...  sigh.

As for licensing... contract law is a whole different thing from statutory law (e.g., copyright).  Publishers "own" the content, so they get to sell it any way they can, and we can like it or lump it.  Or try to negotiate it. (Good luck with that...)

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> It is called "eliminating the middle man (librarian) and going

> directly to the source (customer--who can afford to pay, that is)

> while insuring stricter controls including pricing and access. Who

> wants an informed citizenry these days when the "haves" and "have

> nots" are drifting further apart and you can control access totally.


> Why can't we librarians just own up to the fact that

> publishers/marketers are replacing, in sometimes subtle ways, the role

> libraries play--even though we have been their best ally?


> Tone Mendoza



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> Dear all,,,


> Why publishers ask the Library to sign a License Agreement, where;


> -          The copyright is reserved by the Copyright laws


> -          Publication rights are also reserved by Publication Laws


> -          The Start/End for new/renew subscriptions is a purchasing note

> and be added to the order


> -          Access method can easily be mentioned in the delivery note or

> even the invoice


> -          Not for commercial purposes is also can be mentioned in the

> delivery note


> -          and so on ....


> All of us accept the copyright/Publication laws. Why you want the

> Librarians to sign a License agreement to accept the laws again?


> I think online acceptance of Terms & Conditions is more than enough

> where all of us agreed everyday while using Windows, Web browsers,

> Facebook, Twitter, Create/sign-in emails, UpToDate and many many other examples.


> Why publishers keep asking Librarians to sign such small font License

> Agreements? Do they want us to work as Guards to their resources, or

> just to fill the salesperson ego to run back to his manager: "hey, I

> got his signature" !


> How many times the order/ payment delayed because the LA is not signed?

> How many times the order is cancelled or not renewed because the LA

> signing faced difficulties?

> How many times the subscription ended while the LA still not yet signed?

> How many times we Librarians had a nightmare thinking of the dispute

> competent court?  as you know, usually US, UK law is applied!


> Getting rid of such License agreements -for sure- will facilitate the

> selection, order, payment and delivery process. Isn't that what the

> publishers want and that is good for Business?


> I'm about to as ask the publishers not to bring License agreements any

> more, or "I think I will do it soon". What do think folks?


> Bakheet Beshtawy,

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> Dubai Health Authority,

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