Woohoo! Skiing!

Thanks for that great TR.

Maybe next time you could hire a guide to explore the off-piste terrain. :-)

Dave G.

On 08/29/2014 08:25 AM, Michael Angle wrote:
I was in Edinburgh last week for the Fringe Festival.  Arguably the World's largest performing arts festival, it was a blast - although that is not the focus of this trip report.
Just outside Edinburgh to the south is the Midlothian Snowsports Centre, home of "Europe's longest artifical slope" - AKA dry skiing.  I asked my host about it (she grew up skiing in France).  Her only advice; "It's not like real snow, it's hard so it hurts if you fall down".  Sounding not that much different from early season Killington, my mind was set.
The centre was only a short bus ride and a short climb from town.  I was excited to be skiing (or at least doing something like skiing) in the summer and I was just as excited to see this summer skiing technology.  Well as Mr. McGuire told young Benjamin; "I just want to say one word to you. Just one word....Plastics".  The hill was covered in a surface that resembled chainlink fence with plastic bristles growing out of it:
Of course, I brought no gear me.  But the hourly lift ticket price (12 pounds sterling) included rental gear.  The equipment was standard skis and boots.  Only the poles were modified.  Rather than sharp points, they had rounded nubs that allowed them to fit in the holes in the chain link: 
Suitably equiped, I hit the slopes.  My first run was a hike up the bunny slope just to get a feel for it.  Yes, that is me skiing in rental boots and blue jeans:
Two turns in and I was skiing!  It felt a bit weird - like skiing on really bad man made snow.  But there were no icy spots - it was totally consistent - and it did react like "real snow" - only slower.
So with confidence, I left the bunny slope and headed to the top of "The Face" - a twisting, double fall line monster:
I proceeded to work my way across the mountain - a total of three trails.  I thought about off-piste possibilities until I ran into this:
And so I spent my hour running laps on the three in-bounds runs. The final analysis?
 - It was a blast.  It was a real skiing experience.
 - At the end of an hour, I was just as happy to go do something else. 
Not much different from early season WROD skiing, really.
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