*Beyond Binaries: Identity, Gender, and Sexuality*

*TONIGHT* at *5:30 PM* in *Waterman Memorial Lounge*!

This program explores the landscape of sexual orientation, and how we 
“map” sexual orientation. No two people are exactly alike. Given that, 
how do we assign labels to our complicated and unique experiences? In 
this interactive workshop we will conduct an anonymous survey of those 
present, and we will look at the data. Where do we fall on the sexuality 
continuum? How do we label? In this fun and interactive program we 
explore different experiences of identity; the complexity of attraction 
and more. Note: This program includes a focus on gender identity and 

Robyn Ochs is a national speaker, award-winning activist, and the editor 
of the 42-country anthology, Getting-Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the 
World and the Bi Women quarterly. Her writings have been published in 
numerous bi, women’s studies, multicultural and LGBTQ anthologies.

Sponsored by the University of Vermont’s Free2Be SGA Student 
Organization, Center for Cultural Pluralism and the LGBTQA Center. 
Co-sponsored by the Department of Engagement & Professional Development 
and the Office of the Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity & 
Multicultural Affairs.

*Louise Leu*
/Administrative Assistant/
Center for Cultural Pluralism
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