Welcome to all new members! We had a great first general meeting tonight!

For those who missed the meeting here are the general meeting minutes:

I would advice new members that were unable to attend the meeting to  
go through the meeting minutes as well as the presentation link  
included in the minutes! This will give you a general understanding of  
what EWB is about and what our current projects/activities are.

A few important announcements:

1)  Fill out the following doodle so we can set a time to have our  
bi-weekly general meetings:

2)  If you are not already signed up through EWB USA you can do so by  
signing up through the links on the meeting minutes and/or presentation.

3)  For those interested in getting involved in the Greywater project,  
  we will be meeting tomorrow, Thursday, September 9th at 2:30 to 5 to  
work on the 524 application!

4)  There will be a dome work session this Sunday, September 14th.  If  
you are interested and haven't already talked to Matt you can email  
him at <[log in to unmask]>.

So great to see all the old/new EWB faces tonight!  Have a good rest  
of the week!