On Fri, 5 Sep 2014, Tim Raymond wrote:

> Departments can set up an account with the Apple Volume Purchase Program
> (VPP) that will allow you to purchase apps and not pay sales tax.
> Accounts are indexed by email address so you'll want a departmental
> email address to use.  I haven't used it on an iPad so I'm not sure what
> steps you'll have to go through to actually install an app once it is
> purchased.
> There is an overview of the program here:

Have you actually used the VPP?  If so, what contact information did you 
put in this section of the approval process?

"Enter the contact information for a person who can verify that you have 
the legal authority to sign and bind your organization to the Volume 
Purchase Program Terms and Conditions."

I ask because we are working with UVM Legal to get approval to sign 
departments up for VPP, but haven't finished that process yet.

If you've already received appropriate approval to use VPP, I'd love to 
know the details.