At 11:38 AM 9/13/2014, roger Klinger wrote:

>On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 10:35 AM, Marc Chrusch wrote:
> > One wasatch will effectively kill one of America's 2 greatest 
> backcountry ranges,...
>Nonsense. The Wasatch "backcountry" is really just side country and 
>is as hammered as the resorts. If you want actual backcountry in 
>Utah, you need to go south of Sundance or north of Snowbasin or more 
>realistically, get out of the Wasatch.
> I was there just two seasons ago. Three days after a storm, I 
>spent spent the day making first tracks in White Pine, Red Pine, 
>Maybird and Coalpit.  My buddy and I did not  go out of our way to 
>seek untracked.  It was a Saturday, and we saw one skier after we 
>got past Pink Pine Ridge. 4 drainages, thousands and thousands of 
>acres, few tracks, 3 days post storm.
>If your view of Wasatch bc is almost always what the eye can see 
>from Alta, then yes it's tracked out, but that's like saying the VT 
>bc is tracked out because there are moguls on Teardrop.

And I've seen many Saturdays when the White Pine parking lot 
overflows by several dozens of cars onto LCC road. You got lucky two 
seasons ago.

I should have clarified. I was referring to the areas accessible from 
the 4 connection lifts that would be needed, which likely would see 
increased traffic. But I disagree with Dennis' assertion that OW 
"will effectively kill" [the Wasatch].

On an unrelated side note, for some reason I am no longer receiving 
any of Denis Bogan's posts to the list. I just checked for 
over-active filters (I auto trash any of the automated VT weather and 
recreational forecast posts) and all seems to be appropriately 
working. Anyone else with a similar problem?


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