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> Have any of you ever been to Salida, CO?  It appears I will have free
> lodging there.  I have never skied Colorado.  Is Monarch Mt worth the
> trip?  Are there other resorts in the area that are worth a visit.
> Any info would be appreciated. 

Skied a day at Monarch last winter. Kind of reminded me of MRG; small,
good bumps, good people. Folks go there to ski, not to hang in the
lodge and buy expensive stuff.

The added advantage of Salida is that, down in the valley, it stays a
solid 20 degrees warmer than the surrounding towns. Folks from
Leadville area head down there all winter to fish and ride bikes.

That being said, the summery bottom of the valley is only a ~15 minute
ride from from some serious alpine stuff. Last time I was there,
Monarch pass got shut down for avalanches on a big powder day, and we
were not allowed to drive up. After giving up on waiting for DOT, we
dug the truck out and were down in springtime weather minutes later.

Rad place.


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