On 9/26/2014 7:16 PM, Justin Woods wrote:
> Short of 3' of fresh, it's going to be about as good as it gets this weekend at the higher elevations.

It's like that all around NNE - and not just here; I was in the 
Catskills earlier this week and it was approaching perfect. 
Fahgeddaboudit with the official "foliage forecasts." They brag on when 
everything's turned, just before (or well into) the annual deciduation. 
Peak, far as I'm concerned, is when you've got all the colors of a bowl 
of Trix on the hillsides, but still plenty of green to provide baseline 

And depending on elevation and latitude, we're there.

Of course, there's extra bonus points if those Trix are doused with a 
milky dusting of snow. That doesn't look likely to happen this year. But 
I suspect that, given the nearly perfect summer in northern New England 
- not too hot, not too cold, rain and sun in good measure and proportion 
- we could be looking at a foliage season that will be absolutely 
memorable for its color.

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