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>>>I've never argued -- either in this thread or elsewhere -- that downhill ski area uphilling was a right.
>>Fair enough, but your diction ("prohibition" "unnecessarily" etc.) suggests a certain degree of indignation.
>- The word "prohibition" is a very straightforward and neutral description of how uphill travel during operational hours at MRG is ... prohibited.
>- As for "unnecessarily" that is my opinion, and yes, describing my attitude as "indignant" is reasonably accurate.
>- However, this is not because I feel that some sort of "right" is being abridged.  Rather, MRG is missing out on a mutual beneficial transaction because of its unnecessary prohibition on operational hours uphilling.

That's logical -- I'll buy that.  But I don't see day-skinners as a windfall for The River.  Maybe I'm wrong.  

>- No, I wrote that there are plenty of appropriate routes for uphill travel at MRG, although not necessarily all the way to the summit.  (Loon has >a really good policy in this regard.)

Like, what, laps in Birdland?  I think -- along with Patrol -- that there are just too many blind corners on narrow trails to facilitate, let alone open up and publicize uphill travel.  OTOH, there are plenty of people agitating for this change w/in the ranks.  MRG is kind of slow to change, ya know.  

>(Although I do miss somewhat the excitement of the old days -- before established uphill policies -- from waking up long before dawn and then >wondering if I would be kicked out at any minute...)
That did/does add a certain amount of excitement.  

As for fees, if an UH policy were put into place, yeah, I agree it should be on par w/nordic.  Along those lines, I wish more resorts had a one ride ticket for a reasonably low price.  As far as I know Bolton still does.  Which is nice.  Not sure about any other areas.  At St'oh, you have to act like you're staying in the stone hut, I think.


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