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>. MRG has a blissfully unrestrictive policy
>when it comes to skiing outside of operating hours,

Thank you, eo -- that was essentially my thesis.  Long-winded, I will grant you, Jonathan -- and maybe I'm owed that after my blade sunglasses ribbing.  It was definitely not un-partisan.  <wink>

To John's point: yeah, I think that MRG just wanted to ignore it as long as possible -- or at least the unwritten policy was that there is no skinning.  But a few close calls prompted John A & Co to advocate against.   People have been doing it forever, but the traffic is way up. 

I don't think there's an appropriate uphill trail at MRG, really.  Maybe Antelope, but there are a bunch of blind corners.  Maybe the snowshoe trail, which is one.  Don't really matter.  I take eo's point on weirdness -- and Mike T's on resort skinning not really being BC -- it's a treadmill, or a trail run -- but those are nice to have, too.  Especially when the neighbor mtn. does not allow.  


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