Hello everyone!

We've had a wildly successful first month back on campus- thank you so much to all our wonderful students who signed up to cook, serve, and volunteer! We're having our October membership meeting TONIGHT at 7:30 in the Frank Livak Ballroom. You'll find the meeting room at the end of the fourth floor hallway of the Davis Center. We'll be discussing fundraisers and other fun events for the coming semester, as well as signing up for shifts through the beginning of November. It shouldn't last too long, but if you want priority in shift signups, you should definitely join us. Please bring your calendars and a friend along! You can RSVP at: https://www.facebook.com/events/826880937363148/.

See you tonight!

Peace, love, and CKP,
Kaitlyn Vitez
CKP President & Membership Coordinator