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Join us on Thursday, October 9th, 2014 at Noon, here in the The Women's 
Center, for our next *Womyn@Noon* session: *Women in Action Sports: YES, 
I RIDE LIKE A GIRL! with UVM's own Hailey Ronconi (of The UVM Ski & 
Snowboard Club).*

/In the current world where doing something “like a girl" is considered 
bad, weak, silly or humorous – //we will look at why & how women are 
defying //that statement! We will showcase & celebrate//women's 
accomplishments in the world of action sports. /
/We will discuss why "girl" is not a four letter word & why women's 
participation in action sports is crucial to the work for equity./**

Bring your lunch, we'll bring hot tea and fresh cookies! All are welcome.

Also, attached you'll find information for the following Womyn@Noon 
session - *The Journey of Self-Love: Exploring & Nurturing Love Within 
by UVM staff member and author, Briana Martin! *

The complete series listing can be found here: UVM Women's Center Blog 

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