Hey EWB'ers,

The time is finally here. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are coming to VT tomorrow! Tell all your friends, make it your status, tweet it, share it, smoke signal it, shout it to the skies! All of you will help us sell over 300 dozen doughnuts tomorrow and make it happen. The flyer is attached here to share with everyone. We will be in Votey 1st floor under the car all day selling estimated start at 10 am (possibly earlier) and then in the Davis Center in the afternoon after 12:30 pm. If you signed up the doodle to help please show up and if you didn't, feel free to come and help too! All hands on deck tomorrow!

Have "sweet" doughnut dreams tonight!

Baxter Miatke

Engineers Without Borders Co-President
B.S. Environmental Engineering '15
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