Hello EWB Members!

Just to keep you in the loop, Hanna, Julia, and I spoke with an EWB-USA representative about our project details.

(1) A slow sand filter is no longer considered pertinent for our design. We will focus on creating a component that deals with physical constituent filtration from wastewater.

(2) A professional mentor is needed to ensure our project moves along smoothly and is considered an effective implementation. 

(3) We will be aiming for a December 15th deadline for our 525 report. This will allow us to travel during spring break as planned.

(4) The 525 will  need to be detailed and completed rigorously to ensure we are approved for travel and to go ahead with the implementaitn of our project.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me.

Keep it real,
Ben Cares
EWB President
603 234 1974