Hello Ethan,

Although not on an Delta+ (a Thermo Element2), I've plug-in 
substituted with both an LM-211 and -311 comparator for a CMP-01. 
THE CMP-01 is a very old design and many current comparators will 
happily substitute. It isn't a critical application and you don't 
need sub-millisecond response time. Thermo recommended replacement 
with an AD-790, but they are more expensive.

good luck,


>I need to replace the Penning gauge comparator IC on my Delta+XL 
>Power Distribution C board.  It's an Analog Devices CMP-01 IC which 
>is now obsolete 
>I've found a few options on eBay but I'd rather buy NOS from a 
>traceable supplier or a  pin- and electronic- equivalent alternative.
>I'll likely be grinding through IC specs sheets all afternoon 
>looking for a suitable match but I'd much prefer to hear from anyone 
>who has done this already and has found a suitable alternate chip 
>for the CMP01. 
>Or, if anyone out there has a stash of these IC's and is willing to 
>let go of a few I'd happily buy several (or just one) and be forever 
>in one's debt.
>Rock on, good people.


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