Hi Axel,

You want a 1/16" to 0.8mm ferrule for the stainless steel tubing.
Alltech Part# 100/0.8-VG1

You want 1/16" to 0.4 < 0.5mm fused silica adapter for the fused silica 
Vici part# FS1.5-5


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On 10/31/2014 1:41 PM, Axel Iram Rosas Campos wrote:
> Hello List members,
> I need help to identify the correct part number for the ferrule that holds
> the steel capillary from a gasbench sample needle onto the bulkhead
> connector (on the top of the GB).
> I want to get some extra as i've gone through a couple with the last
> needle changes, but they came with the needles and I'm not sure of the
> exact type/size.
> Thank you,
> Axel Rosas