During my PhD when I ran a Kiel III, we put glass inserts into the Kiel
vials. This way we could have several carousels of samples ready to go, or
being washed, and still only have one set of actual Kiel vials. The
inserts had a slightly smaller OD then the ID of the Kiel vial and were
short enough to not interfere with the acid dropper. These glass inserts
cost around $0.10 each.

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On 10/8/14, 9:30 PM, "Jason Curtis" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Hi Jennifer,
>If you get lots of sticker shock with the Thermo Kiel vials (thermo part
>number 0754960, $36.00 each) you might try VM Glass in NJ.  I have
>ordered 3 batches over the years.  Quality is good - only complaint is
>that a couple were a little too large OD and got stuck in the lifter
>tube.  Jason
>Part number VMS943
>Last ordered 150 vials in 2010 cost was $11.60 each
>In 2003 they were $8.95 each for 100 vials.
>Contact as of 2010:
>Mike Greico
>VM Glass Company
>3231 N. Mill Road
>Vineland, NJ 08369
>Fax 856-794-9695
>On Oct 8, 2014, at 5:49 PM, Jennifer McKay wrote:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> Quick question.  I need to order more glass vials for our Kiel III.
>>Does anyone know the Thermo part number?
>> Many thanks,
>> Jennifer
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