The replacement we got from digi-key seems to work well enough.

P/N = P12906-ND

You'll have to glue on your own magnet. Magnet scavenged from computer 
hard disk is best magnet.


On 10/10/2014 12:00 PM, Reynard, Linda wrote:
> Dear Isogeochemists
> Has anyone replaced the lower fan in a Thermo TC/EA (12 VDC, 250 mA), the one that blows on the lower part of the column? Ours has started making a louder-than-usual noise and I worry that its days are numbered. Thermo will sell us one very expensively.
> Any other sources for a replacement? If you have made the swap, how did you connect it to the TC/EA power source?
> Thanks!
> Linda.
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