you have an option in the method to start the peak detection a certain time and not over the entire chromatogram.
Click the advanced options and it will show up. When I recall correctly here -1 means everything but you can also set specific time frames where the software then searches for peaks. So just start it after the spike.


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> Hi All,
> When running our new TC/EA with ConFlo IV into a Delta V Plus with Isodat 3 I get a very large spike right at the peak jump from H to CO.  The problem is that the software recognizes this as the start of the CO peak.  The actual CO peak comes out something like 10-15 seconds after the peak jump.  As a result of this electronic noise I have to manually redefine the peak for every sample.
> You can see a screen shot of what it looks like here:
> spike.png
> I can not see a method setting to stop the software from recognizing this spike as part of the sample peak.  I am sure that I am just missing something.  Any suggestions as to how to correct my method would be appreciated!
> Thanks in advance,
> Jason
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