Dear all,

Sorry for the mass email, but Imperial College has a new scheme to hire international PhD students, and the hiring process is now open. This is a highly competitive fellowship scheme (only 50 awards per year), but I am eligible to supervise one such PhD student if he/she was successful in their application and am thus looking for good candidates.

Anyone is eligigible, regardless of where they come from, but the main criteria is that they need to be top of their class, i.e. only the very best will be considered.

If you know of a good undergraduate or master  student who is top of their class and want to do a PhD related to clumped isotopes geochemistry (topics can range from diagenesis, climate, or fundamental), then please ask them to contact me asap. My research group webpage can be found at

The full link to the scheme is here:

Candidates who contact me should mention that they want to apply to the “Imperial College PhD Fellowship”.




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