Hi Jason - I had a similar problem. My work around was to put a "dummy peak" of ref gas CO after the spike from the peak jump but before the unknown CO pulse, with a 3 second duration. The software would then consistently recognize this dummy peak as distinct from the unknown CO pulse consistently (mostly) so that the appropriate peaks could be set in the method for the standards and unknown. 

Maybe this is a bug in the software as when our TCEA was set up I was told the software was not supposed to recognize the peak jump as a distinct peak, yet it does. 


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Hi All,

When running our new TC/EA with ConFlo IV into a Delta V Plus with Isodat 3 I get a very large spike right at the peak jump from H to CO.  The problem is that the software recognizes this as the start of the CO peak.  The actual CO peak comes out something like 10-15 seconds after the peak jump.  As a result of this electronic noise I have to manually redefine the peak for every sample.

You can see a screen shot of what it looks like here:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/87418054/tcea spike.png

I can not see a method setting to stop the software from recognizing this spike as part of the sample peak.  I am sure that I am just missing something.  Any suggestions as to how to correct my method would be appreciated!

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