Hi collective Brain,

This list has been so helpful over the past month or two that I'm coming back once again. In order to work around the Thermo AS3000 that was bending syringes, I've installed an older CTC Combi Pal, so much better. We are no longer bending syringes with blistering speed. However, the PAL will not tell the GC that the sample has been injected and that it should go ahead and start the oven temp program.

So, Thermo Trace Ultra, comm cords between computer and GC and computer and PAL, as well as between GC and PAL (Interface 1 from PAL to Generic Handshake on GC). PAL starts injection program when I start a run from Acquisition in Isodat and knows where all the vials are. It just won't send the start signal to the GC. If I hit start everything goes as planned, with the PAL waiting until the GC starts cooling to run the injection program again, all on it's own. 

Any ideas?

Thanks so much!!


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