Sorry, I forgot to mention that I also (very) gently hit on the side for the valve with the handle of the screwdriver but I would suggest to keep trying actuating a few times first. If you see the rotor rotating, it means your pneumatic actuator is probably fine.



On 4 October 2014 00:38, Gatti, Emma (382D-Affiliate) <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear all,

Does anybody has ever experienced not being able to extract the rotor from inside a gas bench valco valve? 

I have been trying to take it out for cleaning (we suspected a clog inside the valve), but the rotor seems blocked. I used a pen-like magnet to extract it, and I cycled the valve several times to break the "shear seal", but the rotor seems simply not moving. 

I would like to know if I should simply keep on trying (it's the first time I am doing it), or this is the sign of a misalignment of the valve, or a problem in the air actuator (even if I checked the air pressure, and it's fine). 

Thank you,