Aloha Bill

First check the configuration in Isodat Configuration:

1) Open IsoConfigurator
2) Open tab for GCC II-III Sets
3) Right-Click and open properties for the Trace GC
4) Is the communication correct?
5) Does “Get” find all the installed modules on the Trace GC?


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Hi there
We have a Delta XP GCC III TraceGC system running Isodat 3.0 (sp .83) and recently had to reload our Win XP computer (we could NOT get Isodat to load properly in Win 7 Pro 32bit on a new computer – but that sad story is for another time).
We have just noticed that when making a new Trace method for GC control, that we are missing option tabs we were previously using.
When a new ‘Trace’ method is opened, there are ‘Instrument’ and ‘Evaluation’ tabs; under the ‘Instrument’ tab there used to be tabs for ‘Oven’ (ramping temps), ‘Right Inlet’ (split-splitless selection), ‘Right Carrier’, ‘+AUX Zones’ and ‘Run Table’. We are only seeing tabs for ‘Oven’ (which does actually control oven ramp / temp settings) and ‘Run Table’.
What are we missing here… is something wrong in the Isodat install or do we need to initiate something in order to get the other tab options?
The Configuration seems correct (same as previously).
Any clues would be appreciated.
Thanks much and have a great weekend.
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