Hi Patrick,
The L1102-i should reach on average a measurement frequency of ~0.15 Hz (1 data every 7s or so). Only the later versions (L2120, L2130) go down to 1 data every 1-2s.
My experience is that on a L1102-i, you really shouldn't measure at a mixing ratio higher than 25000 ppmV...we experience these timeouts from times to times in our lab for MR>25000. When it does at lower MR, there might be some tuning to do...which only Picarro support can (remotely) perform. Unfortunately for you is this online support not free of charge anymore!

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My understanding is that the water analyzer should scan about every two seconds.  Ours slowed down awhile back, and the Picarro folks logged in remotely and adjusted the laser.

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Our Picarro water analyzer (L1102-i) is having problems making measurements. We were measuring water vapor. As the [H2O] increased, the scan time increased as well until it was 25-30s. The analyzer then gave an error 'Error - Measurement time out'. After giving a few errors, the Picarro restarted. This process repeated itself several times over a few days. However, the [H2O] that was associated with timing out was about 27,000 ppmv on the first day (in the past we have analyzed much higher [H2O] than this). Now the [H2O] that started having problems on the third day was ~20, 000. Because this concentration is in the [H2O] range of liquid water analysis, we can't measure liquid waters as well. Also I noticed that when running low [H2O] the scan time is about 5s but increased to 7s by the third day.

Has anybody had this problem and know how to correct it?

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