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I was wondering whether someone in Europe or beyond (USA) could help me source some glass tubing for working under vacuum (~0.3Pa). I am now committed to using Swagelok 3/8" Ultra Torr fittings and I would like to find a glass blower or glass supplier with a compatible tube O.D. Most of the glassblowers I have spoken to in France only have metric tubing 9mm or 10mm with a tolerance of +/- 0.15mm.

So can anybody suggest a supplier/glassblower that they have worked successfully with to obtain glass tubing that fits well with the Swagelok Ultra Torr 3/8" fittings.

One option at the moment may be to have the 10mm glass ground down to ~9.5mm. The glass is no longer polished in appearance or feel and I wondered whether I should worry about this for the vacuum seal. Alternatively, the other option may be to ask Swagelok to drill out the Ultra Torr to fit 10mm tubing but this may be more expensive and take longer?

Any advice welcome on the list or alternately you can contact me offline by email.

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