Actually, a very good article on this subject is :

Carbon and hydrogen isotope fractionation of benzene and toluene during hydrophobic sorption in multistep batch experiments

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Date: Sun, Oct 5, 2014 at 12:40 PM
Subject: Stable isotope fractionation during sorption
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Since my further research interest includes also the investigation of stable isotope fractionation that takes place during the sorption and desorption of organic contaminants, I would like to highlight my last article published in the Science of the Total Environment and entitled "Leachability and desorption of PCBs from soil and their dependency on pH and dissolved organic matter " ". See below the link:


It would be interesting to add a stable isotope approach to the experimental techniques (GC-HRMS and FTIR) used in this article so a suggestion from you side will be very usefully.


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