One of my students showed me this site and some of the games he has
made...looks very interesting!

D. Mitchell
Hazen Union School

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> Hi All,
> New Gaming Program.  ad supported.    free and you can
> sign up, but you don't have to unless you want to save your games.   I'm
> using this a precursor to scratch web 2.0.   It teaches the basic steps to
> create a game, but from a child's perspective.
> 1)   Make a game/level  in Retro Arcade.
> 2)  Press play. (the character falls into oblivion.
> 3)  Retry, but add ground.  Have the characters try again ... lives
> 4)  Add gold coins, powerbars, obstacles,  monsters, tunnels, vehicles
> 5)  Test Again... At this point kids have loaded every monster into the
> game that they can think of.  It becomes too hard. so the kids go back and
> redesign... delete monsters  to be a more fluid gaming experience
> 6)  Have others play your game and give critiques,  fix.
> 7) Have your teacher play the game.
> 8)  Try a game.
> Have fun.
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