The low clouds, spits of rain, and strong N wind allowed for a good migration of Red Tail Hawks over Stowe today.  11 birds in 45 minutes seen mid -day, and 27 birds between 2:30 and 4:30pm.  Osprey, Peregrine, No. Harriers, Sharpies and Coops were seen as well.  And the final push of the day was 3906 American Crows streaming down the valley.  This aerial river lasted for 20 minutes.

This past Sunday also had similar weather conditions.  In the morning I counted 18 Red Tails in 45 minutes.  66 Eastern Bluebirds (9 different flocks with the largest having 15 birds) and of course scads of Canada Geese skeining overhead both days.  I havenít tallied up those numbers yet.

I had planned to go to the Champlain Valley to check on waterfowl migration, but didnít get past my front step.  North wind, low clouds and spits of rain this time of year?  LOOK UP!!!!!

I marvel at migration,

Liz Lackey
Stowe, VT