We had a family of bluebirds somewhere in the field north of us this summer. The whole family came to bathe in our birdbaths every afternoon at around 4:00 for a week or two in late July.  
On Oct 11, 2014, at 5:58 PM, Jane Stein wrote:

> Glanced out my window to see 5 male bluebirds splashing around at once in the birdbath.  I usually have a pair nesting here, but hadn't seen or heard any around since late summer, so I assume these gentlemen just blew in.  I've never seen bluebirds at the birdbath before.
> Also, the first bunch of juncos of the season, and the male red-bellied woodpecker, a couple of downies and a wb nuthatch hanging upside down at the sunflowers.
> I am sooo ready for Redpolls!
> Jane
> (Shoreham)