A few items left...

2-250,000BTU construction pot heaters with a couple hundred feet of gas 
hose $250 for all

Full sheet baking pans, perforated, $5 ea, offers on the lot, w/ rolling 
storage racks

Irrigation pipe 
<cid:[log in to unmask]> has to be gone by 1st November

Barn fan, 2 speed, in wooden frame, used to cure garlic  $100

Paperpot transplanter and

Sand filter, assorted filters and manifold for

20x24 Ledgewood, available November, used for seedlings, oil furnace, 

2 part rolls of greenhouse

5'-3pt cultipacker, was a brillion seeder, has both rollers $100

2" Honda pump w/hose $200

Tractor and machinery at Gray's Auction, Fairlee...18 October

Michael Smith
Gypsy Meadows Farm
603-454-4455 cell