8 years ago I was down in the Catskills at an auction.  I think the farm was Mikes sweet corn farm or something like that. Sad story, father died and sister wanted her money so they had to sell out. 

Anyway, they had hand selected for 60 years or so this beautiful indian corn that had the BIGGEST ears I had ever seen. A pallet of it was up for auction and I dropped out after it went over 100....   Afterwards I tried to buy just a few lbs off of the buyer- he just swore at me cause I had bid against him....  :)  after he had removed the pallet at the end of the auction I went over and picked up a hatful of kernels that had dropped- and  grew them out for several years. 

Long story short....   I have a box of ears left because we no longer grow indian corn. Would love to preserve the variety.  Know anyone or company that would be willing to take it on as a project?

Michael Kilpatrick

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