1)  I have   about 2000+ ' of virtually new 9 0z rowcover cut in  90' lengths.We used them  to cover  our greenhouse benches in  an unsuccessful effort to try to  keep the greenhouses clean of onion debris while we  were drying them.  I am thinking they would  be useful to someone  doing greenhouse winter growing. Make me any reasonable/ unreasonable offer as I am sure my troops will  just have them lie around in bins and not use them.. 

2) I have some older wide row covers that we used on pepprs and strawberries. A practice we have discontinued.Free.

3) we still have a quantity of 3/4 "  pipe with  spray stakes that we  cant find a good use for. Used a bit for some fig trees we were fooling with, but  there is still gobs left here, Free

Call me at 603 306 2530 or return e-mail Thanks

Pooh Sprague