Just so people know, anytime I throw something out there -- I will collate any and all feedback and share it on the list. It’s for everyone’s sake and knowledge.


I didn’t hear much about leeks, but this is what I got. Looks like size is very desirable….and yes, peeling leeks due to diseased outer layers is very time consuming, labor intensive and then you get diminished yields as you peel…I am not aware of disease resistance in breeding yet.


1.       megaton is the bomb.....


2.       Huge size trumps all. Megaton. 



3.  As for leeks, I am looking for something resistant to fusarium ?(purplish round lesions). Our planting looks good until we harvest and do so much peeling that their weight is halved. King Richard is very suceptible, Tadorna is better but still gets ugly on us. Do growers you know keep their leeks covered with fungicide?


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