The following list of Aluminum Irrigation pipe has Ames connectors which involve a gasket and a spring.
5 ct. 30'X2" laterals $45 per

22 ct. 30'x2" lateral with riser & sprinkler $50 per ( this count may be off one or two either side and a few of the risers don't have sprinklers. My pricing is really throwing in the sprinklers w/o cost because they are old and may need to be replaced. I got pricing suggestions from Jim Peeler.)

 1 ct. 20'X2" lateral $30 each

1 ct 20'X 2" with riser sprinkler $$33

 2" plugs for $12 each
 12 ct 30'X3"  for $54 each ( a number of these have nipples with plugs in them so have the potential to have sprinklers.)

3 ct 20'X3" for $36 each

3 ct 10'X3" for $20 each
 assortment of connectors mostly 3" to 2" T.. $40 each.

several sections of 30' intake pipe.

other items for sale at this time include but not limited to:
2 each  12' bard door rails with trollyes $150 each
Cole fertilizer unit fro a Kubota L245 $300 OBO
3 each 150  Rubbermaid stock tanks $135 each
2 each 100 gallon rubbermaid stock tanks $90
Flat wagon With sides $600
Flat wagon $400
Running gear $200
72" Wire hoops (the kind that flex back straight) 50ct for $25
2 Caravan 10x10 heavy duty canopy market tent. great shape slightly used new green tent covers. $200 each
1 caravan tent 10X 10 light duty tent new $75

Serious inquires only please. Interested seekers please send questions and  several times and dates that work for you to come look and buy.
many other smaller items available.

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