Top 5: Space, Raccoon, Gazelle, Pigeon, Reflect

We trialed a bunch of varieties over the last few winters.  The most successful for us has been Raccoon (faster growth, bigger leaves and more upright), and Carmel has also been nice.  We are trialing Gazelle this year since were unable to get enough Raccoon seed, and it seems to be germinating nicely, but don't know about yields and regrowth yet on that one.

space and tyee

We are growing carmel, space, donkey, regiment, pigeon and raccoon

Tyee and space.

I've grown space, carmel, violin, el real and cardinal. These all faired well, except cardinal. Trying Red Kitten this year just to have a little red stem variety. Space is still very consistent for me.

Our (KFF) favorites are Pigeon, space, red kitten, raccoon, and for bunching emperor and flamingo.

picture of our fall trial below

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