The library at Weill Cornell Medical College (I think) had a great orientation 
video that talked about drinks with covers, which always made sense to me. 
When people ask, I say "we allow food and drink, but not spills."

Ann M Holman, MLS
Darnall Medical Library
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
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Subject: CHAT: Food and drink policies

Hello MEDLIBers,

I am about to open (hopefully by the end of this month) a nice, NEW, bigger 
library and I am working on all the rules etc., that I need to lay down from 
day 1. So I am wondering what you all do about food and drink. I am thinking 
no way for food but for drinks, should I allow if they have a lid or cap? Also 
if anyone has a really good sign for this I would love a copy.

And suggestions for different rules that I need to put it place are 
appriciated. Obviously, computer use, cellphones, printing and copy machine, 
but I know there is stuff I am just not thinking of yet.

Thanks in advance,

Karen Bontekoe
Medical Librarian