This isn't really helpful but, sometimes, there really isn't any THERE
THERE.  Just because a question is asked doesn't mean there is an answer.
(that quote goes back to one of my profs in library school.)  You may indeed
have found all there is, and there may be no tool that fills the bill.

Lee Hover, D. Med. Hum.
Lacey, WA.

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Hello Collective Brain,
I've been working on this question for the past few weeks, but I'm not quite
coming up with what the patron seeks ...
The questions is looking for a tool(s) that will objectively measure
religious sincerity or conviction.

The background :  With the flu shots now being required for ALL health care
workers, people can still decline for medical or religious reasons.  My
patron wants to find a tool that will help them ascertain if people really
are declining on sincere religious grounds or not ...  How can that be
measured? What tools are out there?

I've searched Medline and the usual health science databases, even Google
and Scholar.  I have come up with some legal cases where they also test the
for religious conviction (You know those cases where the parents refuse
medical help for their children on religious grounds.)

Here are a few things I did find :
Ethical Exemptions for Seasonal Flu Vaccines  This powerpoint seems to offer
the best guidance.  It goes through several religions and what specific /
official objections they may have to vaccines :
asonal-Flu-Vaccines.pdf   Though it doesn't mention religious sincerity ...
Some of this type of info seems to come for legal cases on vaccine refusal
on religious grounds.  Here's one case from New Yorkers for Vaccination
Information and Choice :  Most of
these cases concern school children and vacination requirements.  It does a
good job of laying out how a judge would ascertain sincerity.
Although I searched all the usual places, I didn't feel like I was coming up
with the specific answers she was looking for.  Can anyone out there help
add to this body of knowledge?  I'm stumped ...
Michele Matucheski, MLS, AHIP
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